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Sell More Vehicles For More Money

By Tapping into a Rich Vein of Prospects

That You Are Currently Overlooking

Dear Automotive Professional,

If you spend any amount of time trying to figure out cheaper, more consistent and predictable ways to get new business…then this will be the most exciting letter you read all week...

I’m about to show you how to tap into one of the richest veins of prospects that most automotive experts are overlooking.

My name is Lee Dungey. My partner, David Worley and I founded DW Publishing to provide this elegant and powerful system to enlightened automotive professionals like yourself who would like to build a consistent, predictable flow of quality referrals for their business.

Chances are, you are looking so hard for potential clients that you have missed a simple, but valuable source of business.

You’re Leaving Thousands Of Dollars On The Table 
That Your Competition Gladly Scoops Up Every Month

If you're not sending a monthly mailing to your salesforce’s sphere of influence, you're losing thousands of dollars in commissions every month to your competition. It’s as simple as that.

Your sales force each have a circle of friends, neighbors and relatives. Do you know who these people are? Do you know their names, and have their addresses?

These people already know, like and trust your salesman. Stay in touch regularly and consistently because...

One Of YOUR Salesman’s Friends Is Looking At 
Your Competitor’s Lot Right Now Because 
They Didn’t Hear From You THIS Month

How many times have you or one of your salesmen bumped into someone at the grocery store and they ask, “Hey, are you still selling cars? How’s business?”

That’s a disaster.

They didn’t remember you were even in the business. If they were looking for a new or used vehicle today – they would have called your competition before they called you.

This may have happened to you before. Think about it…they didn’t remember you. And it's your fault for not staying in touch with them.

Your competition is reaching out to people and stealing them from you. Right under your nose – right now – and you’re letting them.

That’s an expensive mistake. Fixing it could keep $10,000, $20,000 or more of your money that you deserve from going to the other dealership.

The good news is it’s easy to guarantee this never happens to you again or ever.

But first you need to...

Stop Thinking Of This Group As Just A Small Group

Of Individuals And Remember That Each Of

THEM Have A Sphere Of Influence Of Their Own!

If you’re calling and asking for business all the time you might even seem a bit needy to them. It’s a delicate balance and you need to be aware of the impact of all of your communications.

So, what is the very best way to stay top-of-mind AND get referrals and introductions from your sphere of influence?

You have to remind them every month – FOREVER – that you are still in the business of helping people. Without being annoying and appearing to be needy.

Experience shows that the best way to do this is with a monthly relationship newsletter.

And not a slick email newsletter that gets deleted before it is even looked at because...

Boring, "Professional" Newsletters Are
A Huge Waste Of Time And Money!

Most businesses who do use newsletters send out stuff that is TOTALLY BORING! Yes, that's right. They are so boring, it's hard to describe how boring they are.

They have headlines and titles like Interest Rates Drop, Creates Strong Movement In Money Supply or New Car Sales Up 5.4%  or 2015 Sport Model To Have Larger Brakes. Yeech! That type of boring "professional" copy will not produce what you want, if what you want are responses, referrals and more clients!

How can a reader feel empathy, become curious, and want to read your newsletter if it's boring? Being BORING is one of the greatest marketing sins possible. Why? Because you're spending time, energy and money and not getting any results! You'd be better off not wasting the money in the first place!

BORING equals unread. Sensational, money-saving, timesaving, "tabloid-style" equals read, because it is interesting. (To be interesting, it needs to contain more than dealership info or manufacturer advertising!) It must GRAB your client with compelling HEADLINES, using the AIDA formula (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action).

The Relationship Newsletter uses a proven formula tested over 10 years to create an inexpensive, yet thought-provoking – and immensely readable – monthly newsletter that gets you new business every month.

When you use the Relationship Newsletter to create a warm, interesting, personal newsletter from you, will every one of your clients who receives your newsletter read it?


Will more clients read it than other "professional" or "generic" newsletters?


Will you get far more referrals — and closed transactions — by sending your personalized Relationship Newsletter than by using any other newsletter?

Most definitely!

A warm, interesting, personal newsletter from YOU always becomes a steady, dependable source of referrals and repeat business!

Here’s How You Get Started And 
Guarantee You Never Lose Another Commission

Each month you’ll get your newsletter that each of your salesforce can personalize and send to their sphere of influence.

If you could buy an insurance policy for $400 a month to guarantee you'd never lose another deal that was rightfully yours – you'd pay that in a heartbeat. Of course you would – you wouldn't even think twice.

So what are you waiting for? Let's get started right now!

Each Month You Receive

Customizable Newsletter With Pre-Written ArticlesYour customizable newsletter comes with pre-written articles, so you don’t have to worry about what to write each month; simply drop in your info, print and mail.

Personal Cover LettersPre-written cover letters every month save you time and make your newsletter even more personal and not all about business.

Extra Articles And Quotes - Extra articles and quotes every month; just in case you want to swap something out, we’ve made it super easy to further personalize your newsletter.

Monthly Quiz QuestionsMonthly quiz questions and answers that will gets your readers interacting with you every month and maintain top-of-mind awareness with your sphere of influence.

Easy Microsoft Word Format

No – this isn’t rocket science – you’re right.

Can you build all this yourself? Of course, sure you can. You could go out and test and try and evaluate and read the data…but why would you? Do you have the time to test and recreate all this from scratch? 

What would it be worth to you in EXTRA commissions to have just one more deal than last year? $2,000? $5,000? $10,000? More? What are you waiting for?

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